We are an agency specialising in content strategy and content creation to improve your marketing, drive meaningful conversations with your target buyers and – bottom line – make more money for your business.

How? Collective Content (UK) isn’t just another content agency.

We know content marketing inside out. We specialise in media-grade content, mainly for technology companies. That’s because our core team and wider network have spent many years in the media.

Our lineage is all about the best editorial, the right commercial approach and pulling together appropriate experts on any given project or programme.

Here’s an example: We are well known for always being transparent about who is writing for you. Other agencies don’t work that way, because they don’t have the strength of our network – in technology, in the UK and in terms of skillsets.

We bring experts together from different fields. As well as writers and editors, they include designers, coders, photographers, illustrators, videographers, researchers.

We offer a variety of services to all types of organisations wanting to engage with audiences.

Our clients tend to be:

– Senior marketers at medium-sized and large companies, often representing well-known brands.

– Directors at a range of other agencies – be they media agencies, PR agencies or other types of agencies lacking our deep background in content and subjects such as B2B technology.

We offer a range of content-related services in addition to full content marketing and brand publishing programmes. These include ghostwriting, such as Speech-to-blog (S2B) and our new WriteNow service, as well as training and consulting.

We also have a market research unit dedicated to helping companies make the right content and marketing choices.

Collective Content (UK) was launched in January 2012 by Tony Hallett. He is now MD.

Contact us

Contact us to find out how we can help you:

Email:  tony.hallett@collectivecontent.co.uk

Twitter:  @ColContent

Facebook: facebook.com/CollectiveContent

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Phone:  0800 292 2826