Although we’re digital specialists, we’re big fans of events. Our team has taken part in hundreds over the years – actually, thousands, if you stretch the definition to debates held on TV and radio.

Our own Tony Hallett wrote the definitive events book on how to run and chair panels. He has put on dozens of events for companies and trade bodies, mainly in the technology industry.

No one should underestimate the power of doing business face to face. Most serious relationships, at least in B2B, are forged in person, albeit after valuable engagement online.

What’s more, our content supports the wider marketing for your events – before, during and after they take place. This can mean copywriting electronic direct mail, crafting blog posts and articles in the weeks ahead, live reportage on the day, and subsequent long-form and visual content that is a product of what takes place and keeps conversations going – and at all stages dovetailing with social media to engage the right audiences online.

If you would like to hear about our bespoke events services and how they integrate with other forms of marketing, please get in touch.

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