Market Research

Our market research (MR) services propel your content and your business.

Collective Content’s market research arm is headed by Becky Thompson, who brings 20 years of working with media owners and brands including: Motorola, Samsung, BT and British Gas.


Qual, more than quant

We can help with quantitative MR but our speciality is qualitative.

That means we typically build on clients’ survey results or find partner agencies to carry out quant fieldwork but we make most impact through focus groups, depth interviews, user experience sessions and more.

We provide a dimension of insight that quant fieldwork (over the web or from a call centre) alone cannot provide.


Why qualitative market research?

And of course you can use that insight in several ways – to improve your product/service offering, to develop customers or to generate content, an area where we are experts.



Each market research project is bespoke. Please contact us for pricing options.

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