Back when Tony was working as an editor on business-technology publication Silicon, he had a weekly call with a leading executive and author. We say ‘author’ but what no one knew back then was that a large proportion of this executive’s writing was ghost-written, by Tony. Out of several years of doing that was born the germ of the idea for our unique Speech-to-blog service – or S2B, for short.

Within a year of launching Collective Content, S2B became one of the main ways we started working with companies, for two reasons: blogging became increasingly important and most people didn’t have the time to blog.

You undoubtedly have great ideas you’d like to share. But not every team – let alone every individual – has the time to plan, write, edit and publish blog posts regularly.

Blogging – what we do

We speak to you, usually over the phone, usually over a number of weeks, so we can get a feel for your voice and then create posts that will allow you to build and develop an audience.

We tailor packages to every situation but the key is unique, original content that will have a shelf life – unlike pay-per-click and other types of advertising campaigns.

You will speak with one of our professional editors, who will then deliver a structured, punchy blog post.

Ownership and use

It is your content. You have 100% ownership.

The S2B service is about building one of your richest assets. You will be able to share thought leadership, your corporate positioning and anything else that is important to your business – all with an authentic voice.

The quality content we produce can be used in a number of ways – e.g., in trade publications, PR and events.


Contact us for full pricing options – or to find out more about our philosophy and processes around ghost-writing.

Contact us

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