Even the most well-oiled teams need help at short notice. Quite often, we see this in the form of requests for content with a quick turnaround. And now we can satisfy that need better than ever.

“How do I get an article right now?” – Introducing WriteNow

WriteNow is our new on-demand writing service. It’s the companion to our well-known ghostwriting offering, Speech-to-blog (S2B).

WriteNow brings together two things we feel strongly about: quality content and the ability to commission content quickly and conveniently.

How does WriteNow work?

You simply complete the form on this page. Within six hours we will tell you if we are able to fulfil your commission. After that, following your instructions to us, we will produce the content you need within 24 hours.

What lies beneath?

We’re obviously not going to give away everything that makes this service possible, but at its foundation is Collective Content’s network of writers and editors. These professionals – all of whom we name and vouch for – are subject-matter experts in areas such as B2B technology as well as being accomplished content producers.

What kind of writing services does this cover?

For now, WriteNow covers blog posts (as its name implies), articles, scripts, press releases, EDMs and other short to medium-length copy. It excludes long-form and non-text-based content such as video or infographics.

How much does WriteNow cost?

Each assignment is different and we will quote an amount after receiving your brief. WriteNow is a premium service and is priced as such.

Try it now. Complete this form to request our WriteNow service.

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