At Collective Content, we tell your stories.

We help companies cut through the thousands of messages that bombard business people every day. We do this using content marketing and our Collective Methodology. In short, we provide strategy and we provide content – joined to your other marketing activities and in line with your goals.

Seven out of eight B2B marketers (88%)* now use content marketing and, across the world’s developed markets, it isn’t hard to see why.

People are spending more time consuming content – social media and mobile channels have helped, so too TV’s ongoing strength – but few of us are engaging with ads, whether traditional or online.

And that’s when we actually see them – the last couple of years have witnessed the rapid rise of ad blocking and general ad blindness.

For consumers, content marketing usually means brands providing something entertaining (someone jumping from space, a camera strapped to a soaring eagle). For those in business, B2B content marketing is about being useful.

But although 78 per cent of CMOs in one study famously said content marketing is the future of marketing, experts such as Deloitte have made clear there are plenty of moving parts to effective content marketing. That means marketers need help.

Collective Content gives brands what they need to be useful to their customers and prospects, creating engagement and earning trust.

We offer:

Content marketing – A full range of services from experts who live and breathe content marketing. This includes:

  • Strategy based on our Collective Methodology (everything from audits, to research, to partnerships – and we document it all, which two thirds of organisations still fail to do)
  • Delivery of content types such as blog posts, white papers, infographics and videos
  • Analysis of what’s worked and what hasn’t for ROI

WriteNow – Our new content-on-demand service that provides you with the content you need within 24 hours. This is unique in the market for quality content.

Speech-to-blog (S2B)– Our original content-as-a-service offering, this is ghostwriting that gets you up and running and talking to your market with maximum effect and minimum pain.

Market research – We recog­nis­e brands need to be cer­tain about where they place their con­tent bets. We build on quan­ti­ta­tive data but spe­cialise in fo­cus groups, depth in­ter­views and user ex­pe­ri­ence.

Consulting / Training – We don’t do just content marketing and related work for our clients. Often we help them become self-sufficient, whether through workshops and training, setting up brand publications or re-engineering internal processes.

Events – We are event veterans and have written a must-read book on B2B events. Big deals are still done face to face to a large degree. We facilitate events and make sure content improves them and comes out of them too.

Collective Methodology – Everything we do is grounded in our methodology. We could say it’s unique but we feel it’s more about common sense. Does everything we’ve already mentioned happen for a reason and in the right order? We make sure it does.

Given our team comes from a world of pro­fes­sional on­line pub­lish­ing, scooping pres­ti­gious awards in the past decade, lead­ing me­dia own­ers seek our ad­vice too. We have become trusted advisors on subjects such as branded content studios and native advertising.

We would like to tell you more about our clients, capabilities and fu­ture plans. But most of all, we would love to listen to what you need. So please drop us a line.


*CMI, B2B Content Marketing: 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, North America and CMI, Content Marketing in the UK 2016: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

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